Making our customers into movie stars.. one costume at a time.

Action & Adventure

Deluxe Costume Hire & Movie Makeovers

Embark on an unforgettable journey of transformation with Little Shop of Horrors Costumery! Immerse yourself in our deluxe costume hire experience and treat yourself to cinematic makeovers, featuring professional makeup and photography services. Unleash your inner star and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Get to the choppa!! Whether you prefer raiding tombs for long-lost treasure, a fierce gun battle against Cyberdyne Systems Series T800, or setting the open seas on the Black Pearl, why not Jump from a burning building while dodging a hail of bullets into our epic Action & Adventure costume hire collection! We've got the genre’s most heroic character costumes from classics like Kill Bill, Terminator, Rambo, Karate Kid, Indiana Jones, Crocodile Dundee, Top Gun, Jack Sparrow and many more! Plus, be the hero of your very own show with the thrill of cinematic makeovers, complete with professional makeup and photography services. Book now a for an epic adventure at Little Shop of Horrors. Servicing Mornington, Frankston & Melbourne.

Astalavista Baby.. You ain’t never seen a costume collection like this one before..

Interested in Hiring? Watch this video.

Louise explains everything you need to know about our hire process, including our appointment process - and why we do it! Plus how we create Movie Makeover magic at Little Shop of Horrors.