Set your tasers for SHAGADELIC and work your mojo till smoke comes out of your jumblies

Retro Room

Deluxe Costume Hire & Makeovers

Step back in time at Little Shop of Horrors Costumery, where every day is a disco! Our Retro Costume Hire Collection is a blast from the past, featuring vintage gems and custom replicas you won't find anywhere else. But we're more than just a costume shop—we're here to make you feel like a star! With high-end costumes, Cinemagraphic Makeup & Wig Salon, and Photography Studio Movie Makeovers, we'll transport you back in time in style. Don't miss your chance to shine—book your appointment today and let's make some retro magic!

Interested in Hiring? Watch this video.

Louise explains everything you need to know about our hire process, including our appointment process - and why we do it! Plus how we create Movie Makeover magic at Little Shop of Horrors.