Meet the duo behind Little Shop of Horrors.

Not your average costume shop..

Two sisters with enough imagination, passion, dedication & just the right amount of crazy to bring this wondrous world of make believe to life!

It’s a common misconception, before people get to know us, that Little Shop is owned by a fat cat somewhere in the wings pulling the strings..? Perhaps a franchise store? Owned, by one of those big corporations, and the two weirdos you see working are just the shop girls working their 9-5?

Well, that is simply not the case, sir! Little Shop of Horrors is proudly owned by, created by, run by and passionately loved by the two crazy “shop girls” you see before you. Two sisters who grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and since they were 10 years old playing shops with old cereal containers in the front bedroom, and who's visit to Disneyland imprinted profoundly on their little imaginations.. Had a dream to one day own the most epic pop-culture shop in the world. We are Alicia and Louise and we pinch ourselves on the reg that our once dream, is now a reality.

Back in 2014 as young mums, Alicia having a 3 year old and Louise still having a bun in the oven, we purchased a typical old, bit smelly, and pretty run down costume shop in Mornington. Then.. proceeded to throw everything out and start again! We have spent every day since, designing and planning and constructing and painting and photographing and building our empire! All while raising our kids, trying to be the best mums we can be and doing it all around school pickup, dropoff and holidays. Everything you see from the artwork to the wardrobes to the walls to the costumes to the website.. we have designed, created and built with our own two hands. Just like Carmy on ”The Bear”, it’s much more than just a shop to us, Little Shop of Horrors is our passion, our dream and our legacy.
It's not about making millions of dollars to us – although hey.. that would be nice.. – it’s about creating core memories for little kids that will hopefully tell the story about us to their own kids one day. It’s about the joy on the face of a customer who is beaming with happiness all dressed in their costume and makeup, because they know they look incredible, they feel incredible and they’re just about to head off to the best night of their lives. And it’s about creating a “happy place” for our customers, in a world where there are no more visits to Blockbuster on a Friday night to rent 5 movies for $5.. where experiencing the magic of Disneyland for some is only a dream. We have made this wonderous place for our customers, to escape from the worries of their everyday life for a little while, and get lost in their imagination and our world of make-believe. And we cannot tell you the kick we get out of seeing you enjoy what we’ve created.

Every.. single.. time.
Our motto, “The only limit is your imagination” really does mean the sky is the limit when you choose us for your costume. Throwing on some old thing from your drawer or from the op-shop really isn’t our bag! We are all about quality and putting in 100% every time. At Little Shop we LOVE movies, and we love to replicate the characters as close to the original as possible, bringing them to life as much as we can. We have our costume designs professionally tailored, meaning our collection truly is one of a kind, you simply won’t find our costumes to the same level of detail anywhere else! And we are thrilled to offer our customers a professional makeup salon where makeup or body painting and wigs are expertly applied, inviting our customers to truly transform into their beloved movie characters, even if for only one night. But memories can last a lifetime… because our customers can even book a professional studio photography photoshoot! All available in-store, and you guessed it, all lovingly curated by us, Alicia and Louise.
But of course on top if that our store offers the largest range of Officially Licensed Merchandise available to view under one roof, anywhere in Australia! Spread over 2 factories our showroom is almost like a theme park, a labyrinth of meticulously merchandised themed rooms to explore and enjoy a truly immersive shopping experience – you’ve really never seen a store like ours before! Our brands include Disney, Disney Princess, Marvel & Avengers, DC Comics & Batman, Star Wars, Tim Burton, Cult Classic Movies, Harry Potter and many more! Don’t forget our Retro Room and 1920s Speakeasy! And for those who love Horror movies.. our year round Halloween walkthrough “Nightmare Alley” is sure to give you goosebumps! All items to purchase are fully licensed and support official brands.
If you’ve gotten to the end of this novel, thanks for reading! It’s not easy to get 10 years of dedication and passion and everything we do into 200 words or less!

And thank you for visiting our Little Shop and supporting our dream. It’s more important now than ever before, to support and shop at small businesses like ours. With the takeover of online shopping, especially that awful rip-off direct from overseas places who shall not be named, and massive conglomerates bulldozing “mom & pop” stores and taking over the world.. if one-of-a-kind family-owned stores like ours hope to be enjoyed forever, it’s the local communities we rely on the most.

We invite you to visit and enjoy the immersive shopping experience we’ve created for you! Whether you would like to come on a shopping adventure your inner child will adore!? Book one of our magical in-store experiences brewing potions or twirling with a princess!? Trick or Treat with us on Halloween with the most epic Halloween store setup in Australia!? Or have the time of your life being transformed into a movie character like you’ve stepped out of the TV screen?! Alicia and Louise are excited to meet you and we thank you so very much for allowing us to live our dream. See you soon, at our Little Shop of Horrors. xo