Be the star of your very own show, at Little Shop of Horrors Photography Studio.
Specialising in Movie Makeovers, Costume and Cosplay Photography we live for bringing iconic pop-culture characters to life for our clients, we can't wait to make your dream a reality. Select from our endless supply of costumes and then hold tight while our team style, coach and shoot away as you transform into the character of your dreams in front of the camera. Immortalised forever as a beautiful piece of art to hang on your wall, and to share with friends and family.
With fabulous costumes, talented makeup artistry, creative photography and professional editing all included, you will adore your moment in the spotlight and the photos, even more. At Little Shop of Horrors, everyone deserves to be a star.

Meet Our Photographer

Alicia hasn't been spotted without her camera since 1997, when she worked her first job at a Kodak photo lab developing 35mm film, and her passion for photography has never waivered. Forever an eccentric perfectionist, she creates an welcoming and fun photoshoot environment for all, not stopping until she has captured the perfect shot. She loves playing with light, smoke and colour and together with Louise our makeup artist, coaching you to get the perfect pose for an amazing result. She's all about making memories and goes over and above to make sure you have the best experience and the best photos possible.

The Studio

Nestled within Little Shop of Horrors, where all the magic happens, is our very own in-store Photography Studio. Where it’s not about us, it’s all about you! Until we transform you into one of our awesome characters that is, and then it’s not you anymore at all! Our makeup artist Louise will perfectly apply your makeup and wig, then style you into one of our incredible costumes. And then Alicia shoot away, painting with light and creating shadows in all right places. We’ll bend you here and twist you there and flash and snap and together we’ll create a piece of art that you’ll treasure forever. All in a safe, laid back, professional, creative, encouraging and most importantly FUN environment. We love encouraging our clients to let go of their inhibitions because “the sillier you feel now, the more you’re going to love the photos”, and our recipe works every time.



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