Be the monster hiding under the bed..


Do you like scary movies? Well you're in luck.. because our Halloween & Horror Costume Hire collection is for horror movie die hards! With all of the characters that go bump in the night and make your hair stand on end. Halloween costumes and makeup are our specialty, More than just a costume shop, we are here to transform you into your favourite character, with our epic costumes, Cinemagraphic & SFX Makeup, and Photography Studio Movie Makeovers. Every day is Halloween, at Little Shop of Horrors.

Interested in Hiring? Watch this video.

Louise explains everything you need to know about our hire process, including our appointment process - and why we do it! Plus how we create Movie Makeover magic at Little Shop of Horrors.

At Little Shop of Horrors, our costume hire collection has been lovingly curated with exclusive custom tailored and collector’s edition costumes that you won’t find anywhere else! PLUS take a seat in our makeup salon, where in the hands of our talented makeup artists you can truly BECOME your favourite character with body painting, makeup and wig styling. Halloween special effects makeup, vampire and zombie bites, horns and wounds horror makeup are our specialty!

Visit our showroom at Little Shop of Horrors 6/1 Watt Road Mornington, and experience the most awesome costume shop Melbourne has to offer!