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Krampus Mask

When you hear his bell ring.. you'd better hope you've been good this year.

Krampus Mask

The Origin of Krampus
Christmas has long been a celebration of joy, as Santa Claus rewards all of the good girls and boys with presents and holiday cheer. Children who have not been so nice are said to receive a lump of coal in their stockings, instead of a gift. However, many years ago, children received a visit from the “Christmas Devil,” a consequence much more frightening than coal....
The legend of the Krampus dates back centuries, originating as a German Christmas tradition during the 12th century. Beginning in early December, the children of Germany would begin to hear whispers of a dark haired creature bearing horns and fangs, carrying a bundle of birch sticks used to swat naughty children. According to traditional narratives of Alpine folklore, the Krampus would enter the towns, lashing his chains and bells, to capture the bad children in a basket and bring them down to the underworld. The Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) would occur the evening before December 6th (St. Nicholas Day), when the nice German children were rewarded with presents in their boots, but the naughty children should expect a visit from Krampus...
The name Krampus is derived from the Old High German word for "claw." This towering, seven foot tall, hairy creature is depicted as having bulging eyes, a whip-like tongue, pointed ears and horns atop his head. He carries a pitchfork or, more traditionally, a bundle of birch switches, to menace children as he travels through town on a pair of mismatched feet: one cloven hoof, the other a bear-like claw. Wayward children caught by Krampus are spanked, whipped and even shackled to be spirited away in either a basket or barrel to Krampus' lair...
In the 21st century, many Alpine countries continue to celebrate the Krampusnacht with parades, where the townsmen dress like devils and run through the streets chasing after children and naughty parents alike.
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