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Please get in early so you don't miss out! We will be extending all hires for the time we are away.



Magical Harry Potter Workshops at Little Shop of Horrors

Calling all witches and wizards, young and old, we need your help! Dark Wizards have put a curse on our special world, wanting to keep all the magic to themselves and destroy the wizardry schools! We must stop them, as our young witches and wizards are the future of magic! So, whether you’re fated by destiny or just want to help good conquer evil, then take a trip through the Enchanted Forest to The Burping Troll; our shop for every fairy, witch and dwarves magical needs.

Our fantastical Little Shop of Horrors hosts a series of fun and witchy Workshops That Must Not Be Named. Our soon to be magic users will create their own wands, the beginning of everyone's journey into the world of witchcraft! All of our students will learn from our experienced and talented Oracle Miss Orianna Orbifolia, as she walks them through crafting their first spells and brewing a bubbling new potion. Hopefully we don’t have any magical explosions or vanishing frog accidents this time! Oh, and don’t forget about all of those mandrake roots that need repotted! Hopefully someone brought the ear muffs!

The Little Shop of Horrors will bring an exciting and fun adventure for kids (and honestly adults too!) as they get to walk through a guided, fantasy tour of magic through the amazing world of witchcraft. To help us defeat the Dark Ones, our young witches and wizards will use their handmade wands to bring spells and slimey potions to life, saving our world from evil. So, if you’re looking for an enchanted experience that will make memories forever, then book below! Something magical awaits you!

All young witches, wizards and magic users alike; grab your brooms, get those books ready and don your robes! Our talented Oracle, Miss Oriana Obifolia, is bringing you and your party a magical event that’s so amazing, it will have your guests bewitched!

Once our witch apparates to your home, she will start right away on turning the space into something magical and memorable; preparing your party for crafting and creating personal wands and so much more! Oriana Obifolia will provide 90 minutes of exciting, wondrous imagination and activities for up to 15 children and adults alike! Magic is for everyone after all! PLUS an optional (and VERY magical) venue upgrade is now available!

Not only will our students learn the beginnings of the world witches and wizards, but they will take a journey through trivia, games, storytelling and so much more with their teacher, Miss Obifolia. Prepare for you and your children to be spellbound on their big day, taken on a wonderful imaginative adventure full of creation, abilities and enchantments they will be sure to remember forever!

Book now to reserve your magical birthday party or check out the Burping Trolls in store Workshops That Must Not Be Named, full of unicorn horn dust, potion making, mandrake potting and so much more! An adventure into the world of witchcraft awaits!

Our Birthday Parties for Witches & Wizards are back and more magical than ever! Please call us on 59771288 to discuss booking your party!

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula land on which we live, work and learn, the Boon Wurrung / Bunurong people. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future.


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